About my car

This car was bought new from my grandma back in 2005. It's a Hyundai Accent GS coupe, manual 5 speed, was never told what motor is in it but i believe its the 1.6. She recently bought a new vehicle and decided to sell this car to me for $400. So far the only upgrades i put into the car is new Sport Edition rims with Kumho Platnumn summer treads. Next upgrade is replacing the brake system with EBC Brakes all around, converting the rear brakes to disk in the process. I'd love to replace the stock worn out clunky struts with adjustable coilovers but when I seen the price that wont be happening to this car, at least anytime soon.

Since the car is running with just the manifolds i sounds like a tuner racer at high RPM, so to solve that, im making my own Y pipe, buying dual magnaflow mufflers and dual tips, probably going to happen this summer.
Keep in touch and ill do my best to post the progress. As for any questions anyone has had about the Green Hornet, it has been put away for the winter so the salt doesn't eat it.

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