New York, NY
My garage: Previously owned Chevrolet Bel Air Betsy

About my car

Since I was young boy, I always wanted a '57 Chevy. In 1995 I decided it was time and after searching for months I found this 57 sport coupe for sale in Iowa. After some support from my wife I decided to fly from New York check it out bringing only, money a liscence plate and my St Theresa statue for the dash board should I buy it. ( she still sits there) I bought the car that day from a good old boy named Clem who wanted retire in a mobile home and see America. I drove her straight home that day none stop ( other than gas and a pit break for me) I've had her ever since and have done lots to her. Am thinking of selling soon to the "right" buyer as I'll be retiring and moving to Las Vegas.

Sorry, I've been busy. I haven't made a post yet.