Lawrenceville, GA
My garage: GMC Sierra Dixie

About my car

Bought it mistreated with 158,000 miles and minimal rust for these trucks so my father and I tag teamed the body. Installed factory OEM replacement cab corners, pulled out all the eye sores (dents and such) then got to thinkin' that this would look pretty slick with an after market paint job. So we shot the truck from the body line down with Dark Tarnished Silver Metallic, a paint color code off a Pontiac Solstice. Since then, leveling kit and 285's and flowmaster american thunder duals. She's been faithful as ever.

  • This car was made in 1996 and I've driven it since 2015
  • The GMC Sierra (1st Gen) was in production from 1988 to 1998

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