About my car

I purchased this car originally as a backup for whenever Project Bad Wolf needed to be down. I never had big plans, originally. How ever, I learned very quickly why the platform is so highly regarded among those who hold driving capability above all else. And so the work started.

I have kept the car very basic, performing maintenance, and small modifications here and there, choosing rather to let the car teach me, rather than make it faster through the usual route of modifications.

So here's the story:

I picked up the car as payment for a debt my friend owes. At the time, the front bumper was crushed, the clutch was shot, and the RF LCA was bent beyond a drivable state. The car was filthy inside and out, from sitting in the elements with copious food trash in the floor boards.

I quickly set to work cleaning the car up, and a few friends helped me locate the parts needed to get it back road worthy. After that, a fresh set of tires, engine/trans/diff oils, a few.coolant hoses, a thermostat, and various other sundry items (including a full tune up) she was ready again for daily action.

My plans were initially much more aggressive, but as I drove the car, I learned that I myself was quite lacking in my abilities as a driver. So I began to let the car train me.

Of course, a few months in, I outgrew the cheap daily tires, and quickly swapped to a set of Falken Azenis. I've used the tires on several other previous cars, and knew they would be more than capable.

So other than cleaning the car up, and some mild modifications (tires, brakes, exhaust-i just like em loud), I've left the car stock, and will probably continue to do so.

As of now, my wife drives it. I'm letting it retrain everything she has ever known about driving. I've had thoughts of letting it go someday, but I don't see that day coming anytime soon, as I feel it has so much more to teach me.

Thanks for reading!

  • This car was made in 1993 and I've driven it since 2016
  • The Mazda MX-5/Miata (NA) was in production from 1990 to 1998

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