Buick Park Avenue Mr Groove 78 buick park a

About my car

Mr. Groove dates me this ride ive had since i was 16 yrs old im 40 now . in 2000 i built the car and was winning at every show i attend even earning a spot in lowrider Magazine in 2002. As time went on i built new rides and Mr. Groove stayed in the back round waiting to be released once again , in 2016 the time came to bring her out into the sun again only she wasnt in any status for shows . the paint had scratches, the hydros batteries were dead, and the crushed velvet interior really did look like it belonged in a coffin! Needless to say it was my first and i couldnt see myself parting from it. So with the support of my wife i began the rebuild doing the body work my self and spraying the ride my self with house of kolor kandy apple red and laying some patterns on the roof.i needed that glass finish so i took it back to the tx legends in buffing and detailing wito , & ronnie at Martinez detailing which back in 2000 were the ones who gave me that award winning shine crazy i guess history does repeat itself! Then pulling the inside out and sending to my homie sapo to redo in a red velour , i redid the hydraulics myself and the help of my boys jr, and trizte down to the battery racks , before i got it out i ordered some all gold with kandy red touches 13×7 o.g. wire wheels to pull it out for the first show it would attend in over 10yrs . i put it on a trailer and drove for 3 hrs to the battle of the bay show in corpus Christi tx with my club O.g. Traditions , and at the end of a long day it felt like time had stood still for this true classic as they called Mr. Groove for first Place! A great feeling once again . no matter what life throw's at you if your a real rider you always find a way . lovin the low lifestyle and living the dream!

Car of the Day winner ()

Washed up and ready for a cruise


Cruising out to the lowriders moive premiere


Last min tune ups

Oil & Fluids

Roof patterns shining in the sun!


Groovin on a sunny day!!