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About my car

I bought my car an 09 R/T with about 32,000 miles in Dec. 2011, currently I've got 107,000 miles on it and have had only preventive maintenance and timing chain recall done, still runs just as strong as the day I got it with no mechanical isues. As you can tell I love to drive my car and do drive it every day. I have slowly converted my R/T to an AAR CUDA, although I do still have more to do to it, I am pleased with the results so far. It was just a solid red (torred) challenger , I've added the aar cuda stripes, wrapped the hood and spoiler, changed the nose and steering wheel badges, cuda grille and taillight panel. I am a member of numerous groups on facebook and also a member of Arkansas State Mopars, and an invitation only group #501 Wolfpack. I like doing cruises and charity events that involve the cars of course. I do some shows but being a daily driver it's not spotless and being that I work every day it's hard to keep it clean or to do the cleaning it needs for a show to be a winning car, but I still enjoy being there with other people that are car enthusiast. I am converting my car to an AAR CUDA because I like the 1970 AAR CUDA, and I like something that is unique weather it's mine or someone else's. It doesn't matter if it's not something that I would do, if you do something to your car that shows who you are, I support that. I thank you for letting me be on this page and I hope you enjoy the pictures of my pride and joy.

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