Oakland, CA

About my car

My Caddillac Eldorado, I bought it to get to work and back, did some basic maintenance: registered it, got it smogged, got insurance, new fluids, tires, battery, filters, windshield wipers, and drove it to bart almost every day for about two months then the job dissappeared out from under me.

I drove it around for awhile and had some fun, used it to visit my grandparents, drove friends around and got groceries put about 10,000 miles on it.

the heater core got a hole somehow or had one when I bought it, I didn't have the time or money to tear the dash apart and replace it so I bypassed it, it didn't affect the drive I just don't run the heater, the transmission started having problems getting into third and fourth gear, I checked the codes: trans pressure solenoid and undefined gear ratio, recently the power steering poped a leak, I haven't fixed it yet so the car has been sitting, also recent I went to run it and the battery was very low reason unknown.

The dent in the side is where a friend of a friend's dad dropkicked it after demanding to search my car for his missing ipad (which he didn't find because I didn't have it) I got out with a tire iron and if there hadn't been ten people between us he'd have gotten alot more hurt than he did.

Now I've been sitting around wondering if I should fix it, sell it, drop the N* into a little Pontiac Fiero, or put the N* on a 1200 cc bike frame and ride around on it with my brother, unfortunately without a job I have no way to do any of those things but it keeps my mind active to think about it.

Runs premium only 18. Avg mpg, but on the freeway I've gotten up to 70 inst mpg. <--70 mpg in a V8!

Tried to sell it to a guy who buys used cars he said 600 then the next day he said 200 I said no way the headlight and taillight covers could fetch 200 and the N* engine is worth more than that still so now it sits almost exactly as it is in the photos. Car is gone

Sorry, I've been busy. I haven't made a post yet.