About my car

This 84 720 factory diesel has 338000k gets 40 miles to gallon i paid 3000 for it .hauls firewood,propane mountain bikes.can do scrap metal,and many trips to recycling.

Things ive replaced are turnsignal switch,windshield,optima battery,shocks,& waterpump

Things i need to fix are doorhinges,tailgate latch,lower balljoint,e brake cable,&some small rust bubbling.

Things that have been done are a nice paint job someone fabbed some wheel flairs,and i never get hassled by police .I added a headache rack from a rebco loggers box.flowmaster exaust,.

I want to add a sun visor ,led driving lights,and have some 18 hole centerline 10 aluminum rims.saving up for some low profile rubber.

This thing handles well especially cornering it is low to the ground mini truck.and there is minimal wiring to have problems.if there is a natural disaster this truck will still run if there is emp.Just like a military vehicle.

I feel very lucky cause there are only a handful of these ,and has tones of charicter plus it is only diesel model in my city.

  • This car was made in 1986 and I've driven it since 2014
  • The Nissan PickUp (D21) was in production from 1986 to 1999
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Got new rubber polished rims and new ball joints


Painted some rims