Tacoma, WA
My garage: Previously owned Chevrolet Camaro Ghetto-Ride

About my car

This is my 1984 Camaro, first car I ever bought and still have it. I bought this car back around 1991.

I'm currently restoring it, and also customizing it a bit.

I started with the interior, and ripped everything out. I mean everything!
I replaced the ugly and dated 84 dash, and installed a more modern looking 92 Dash. I replaced the ugly blue carpet, with a nicer looking graphite color. I also changed the color of all the interior plastics to graphite too. I recovered the headliner and speaker covers. Added the power options that the car didn't come with from the factory ie. power windows/mirrors.
I've now moved to the exterior, and adding the 91/92 style GFX. The car originally didn't have any GFX, so this will really make it look nicer.

Custom stuff that I've done

Converting all exterior turn/brake lights to LED.
Complete conversion to LED, over a 1000 LEDs soldered into place.
See my Carlog for more details.
Audio System:

1. Custom made sub box.
2. Hidden amps
3. Custom made kickpods
4. Custom made bezel to house a double din head unit.
See Carlog for more details.!

I have also written two DIY tutorials on how to build kickpods, and also creating the bezel for the double din.

LED Instrument cluster
Stock dash lighting is terrible, using LED strips I customized the back lighting giving making the dash look great.

The stock halogen lighting is worthless on these cars, so I've installed Bi-Xenon HIDs. These have improved night time driving tremendously.

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Updating the Audio PT4 - Applying Texture and Paint


Updating the Audio PT3 - Smoothing out the rough spots


Updating the Audio PT2 - Modifying the bezel


Updating the Audio PT1 - Raspberry Pi and 7 inch LCD

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