About my car

I put a lot of money into my truck and but the most expensive thing was the tires but I'm going to get a lift kit for my truck and I'm going to put a 50-inch light bar on the top and already put a dual exhaust Flowmaster and it sounds just like a muscle car and I'm planning to get headers

my rims really hard to find it took me a while

I put on a 50in light bar on 2/5/17 and I spray painted it in crome

But I ordered the wrong light bar brackets I ordered curved light bar brackets instead of for straight light bar brackets

But I bent them to where they could fit and it worked

I just did want to send them back and pay a little bit more for the right ones so I just bent them back

2 50in led light bar

Off-Road Lights

My 50in light bar

Off-Road Lights