MERKUR XR4TI Forgotten One

About my car

I've always been a car freak but my passion is for old cars!! Mostly lowriders and anything pre 70s. But my preference is always to be different! Drive cars you rarely see! I first seen a MERKUR as a kid when a local big time drug dealer had one ,it looked like something out of a movie .

My wifes father gave her an 85 but the car long lived with computer problems. So I bought an all black on black original , loved it but hatred and envy from a neighbor led to problems in which we both had to move. Do to the damage of my car when I left it outside of my garage! Devastated I sold it !

When her father fell down 2 flights of steps leaving him with brain damage. She was always upset cause he worked on her cars these in particular. I searched high and low couldn't find one for a decent price and condition nowhere. I gave up until one day I was on Craigslist and one pops up modified but for a good price . I had to drive a couple of states to trailer it back .When I get there I knew it was mines only to find out it had problems he didn't mention.

At this time devastated!! I told myself time to bargain ,because I came too far to turn back .Everything can be fixed you need patience ,time and money. I purchased it and had to dismantle the whole front because it wouldn't go on the trailer, too low. After a long weekend I finally got it home. Immediately my wife and family says waste of money too much! So just like that it became mines not hers!! Mission accomplished!!!!lol

I put another couple of Grand to get the engine and tranny right . Drove it every nice day as a cruiser but never took it to get tuned big mistake as it is heavily modified.

It has 2.3liter sohc t5 cummins turbo

independent Rwd on 18in driftz wheels

Stinger pimp stand alone computer management system

Full 3in exhaust with headers

Full black interior with front buckets and steering wheel

Wc T5 5.0 Mustang transmission with custom built clutch and short shifter

Bov with external wastegate

Modified intake, pulleys, lifters and s505 cam long stem valves

Arp stud head

Front mount intercooler with dual electric fans

Cosworth full body kit

And the list goes on

I blew the head gasket . Fixed it but haven't had much time to drive it .Had it for sale but changed my mind and decided to keep her. I still fight the urge to sell as my dream car has been a 63 64 or 65 impala ss. I'm a lowrider fanatic I would take a lowrider over a BMW or Lamborghini nice but not my style !!

Thank you very much for reading

Alex ,CT

  • This car was made in 1989 and I've driven it since 2012

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