About my car

I inherited my Silverado from my Dad, who passed away in December 2007. My truck then was his baby. He bought with only 5 miles on it. When it was given to me, it only had 90,000 miles, now after owning it 9 years, numerous road trips (several to Arizona & Texas--i live in New Mexico), and going back and forth to work for those 9 years, I've put over 251,000 miles on the ol' guy and he still is running stronger than ever!! I've taken very good care of him. Proper care is the key to a good running engine!! My Dad would be proud!! I LOVE MY CHEVY SILVERADO---CHEVYS ROCK!! IAM DEFINATELY A CHEVY GIRL--My parents raised me right!!

My Handsome Guy

Car Wash

Turning over...


Polish & Shine

Waxing & Polishing

Bath time again

Car Wash

New Watetpump

Oil & Fluids

New waterpump

Oil & Fluids

Drive Line fixed


New Radiator


They broke the mold....


New Radiator