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MY DREAM has been to own a old school chevy for quite some time and I made it happen a couple days before new year's.

For the past summer I stayed working Monday - Friday earning as much as a could to go towards my car but I wasn't ever really sure on what I wanted, at the time I found myself in a new relationship with my current girlfriend and she invited me over for the first time, I wasn't sure on what would happen and I was nervous to meet the parents, I pulled up and noticed this beautiful red chevy umder a tarp next to the house and I couldn't keep my eyes off it, we sat down and had dinner and before I was about to leave I built up enough to ask "what's the deal with the chevy out side", her dad then said that's my 68 impala I was trying to sell, and I just asked can I look at it out of curiosity and to my surprise he had no problem showing me it, he was firm on a price but that didn't effect me at all when I saw this car I new I had to own one day so I told him Is there any way we can work out a payment plan? And he said ofcourse if your serious, at the time I was still new to the family and didn't expect much of an answer but he said he'd hold it for me till I payed it off. When I got home I was so excited I told my parents and said I think I found the car I wanted to work for and own one day and I showed them pics at first they were not about it saying me being 18 with a 49 year old car wasn't the best descion on my part and that I needed to focus on something more reliable, all that went In one ear and out, I was determined to own that impala couple weeks went by and I asked my girl if I could come back over and she said of course, we had dinner and I felt a little better around the parents because of the first go around and asked her dad if we could still make it happen and he said yes, so I went out to my car and handed him an envelope with 3k saying here's a start if this isn't enough I'll work more and come back with more and he said this is fine and from there I worked my hardest Monday through Friday earning as much as I could some times I'd put down 500 dollars other times 1000 dollars it was a great experience working for something you want so bad, over a course of months I finally got closer and closer and each time I came over it gave me something to talk about with the dad being new to a family is hard and that was always something we both liked talking about, In the end I ended up paying the car off and it was a couple days before new year's I was so happy and felt so accomplished being 19 and owning a piece of American history. I don't plan on selling the car I wanna keep and hopefully have it around when I'm older with kids. It has alot of value to me as a person who put in work for something they loved and it being a 68 is the same year My mom was born so she like it to. Thanks for reading my post

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