About my car

IN 1984 I worked for Doug Leggat at Leggat Pontiac -Buick-Cadillac-GMC Truck on Brant Street in Burlington.

This Cadillac came in to the dealership and I was ordered to do the new car clean up on it, it was a 1984 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz convertible converted from a Biarritz coupe into a convertible by ASC.

I did it. I took the side door invoice off the car , while I was cleaning it up and it was drying.

When I was done and the invoice was dry I wrote on it "1984 Cadillac conv.

I put the car in the show room .

Doug Leggat came down from his office and told me it was a gift to his wife and put it in back in the shop and she will pick it up later. I was to plate the car.

Any how I folded up the invoice and I put the invoice in the glove box.

I told Doug Leggat that I was in love with this car.

He laughed said I could never afford it besides you just bought a new lease van and you are into hot rods.

Okay...I told him that one day I will own this car.

Okay many years have gone by , I was put on disability pension and 32 years later I had seen this 1984 Cadillac Eldorado convertible on line in the Auto Trader.

I emailed the guy who was selling it and he said it was still forsale and I went to see it.

It was located in Woodstock, Ontario,Canada.

I looked at the car , it needed much TLC it needed a wax job and a good clean. It had only 40,000 miles on it.

I put a deposit on it and I went to my parents estate trust company and got the rest.

I went back on the neinvoivce xt week and with a certified cheque in my hand I bought her and got a ramp truck to bring her back to Burlington,Ontario where I live.

As I was cleaning the car out af going to own ter it was cert. I noticed an envelope. It was the same invoice that I put in the glove box in 1984 with my hand writing on the back "1984 Cadillac conv." On it.

I bought the car for $7500 cnd. Dollars.

She was the same Cadillac that I told Doug Leggat that I am

Going to own some day.

I finally got my dream car 32 years later.

I call her " ROSE "

I finally own this car and with much TCL and another $5600 Iñ repairs and paint ,she is a well looked after Cadillac that will be mine for a long time I hope.

I paint Cars on T-shirts , I made myself several T-shirts of my "ROSE " for myself and had a baseball cap made up also.

This is my story.

Rose is not fore sale etherthanks for reading my story.

Dave Beveridge


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