About my car

When I was young my mom and dad picked this car up and began saving it from a field in Oregon. It took 13 years but my dad and I finally got her back on the road and managed to save just about everything we found her with. Seeing as this Plymouth is how I learned about cars, I have such a special bond to her. In 2013, my dad informed me that he was going to be selling the car and I jumped on the opportunity quickly. My parents gave me a screaming deal on her at only 7200 dollars (she had received a lot of work a few months prior). Well fast forward to today and I still have her and am planning on passing her along to my daughter Savannah when she is old enough. She's won several awards and still shines. I don't think I'll ever be any more at home than I am behind the wheel of this car. Thanks to her I have an undeniable bond with my Dad and a greater understanding of things from the past. I also gotta mention this car has been in the same city its whole 49 years of life. Bought in Albany, Oregon at JJ Motors and here she will stay! Thanks for reading!

Sorry, I've been busy. I haven't made a post yet.