About my car

I got this truck from my father when I graduated high school in 2012 with 248,xxx miles. He bought it with 70k back in maybe 2004. I drove it for a year towing things and using it for work. I got some lights and installed them, after a while I Grew to hate the way it looked with them on the roof, so I put them on the bumper which gave it a better look then traded my 95 2 door Tahoe for a set of 5 32x10.5xr16 that my friend traded his snow mobile for.. I started mudding with it and November of 2014 my pops past and da hoe started having a lot of big money fixes. I parked it and I'm planning on replacing the transfer case, rebuilding and upgrading the motor and tranny. Just waiting on a secure place, funds, and time. UPDATE: sold to a buddy. Motor blew on me 😥😥