About my car

I bought this car in December of '13 as a project for myself, my dad and my son. Soon after I bought it, my dad was diagnosed with kidney failure so he wasn't able to work on it.

My dad passed away October of '15, but my son and I finished the project as a tribute. The car is named April because both my son and I were born in April.

She has a nicely built 360, 4 speed with a pistol grip, E-body bucket seats, and currently an 8 1/4 rear end with 4.10 gears, but I plan to upgrade it to an 8 3/4 with more highway friendly gears.

For suspension, she has 1.03" torsion bars, 1 1/8" tubular sway bar, and Bilstein shocks all the way around. She rides well for a 43 year old car.

We're always doing something to it so who knows what else is next.

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