About my car

This is my baby, Red, and I love this car!! I found her in late 2013 and after a ton of internet shopping at numerous dealerships I got her for a steal in the middle of winter in PA. While it may not be an SS, and yes, it's an automatic too, (I'm getting older and I drive in heavy traffic daily, plus I have paddles when I get the urge,) this is the car I had on my walls growing up. Well, different generation, but Camaro nonetheless.

Although it may not be the fastest Camaro in the land, it is rather unique in terms of its color combo on the interior of cream and black leather, HUD in the dash, the crystal metallic red paint with black stripes, which was an added extra from the factory that year, the caliper covers, which for some reason I don't see a lot, and of course the Cold Air Inductions intake and Borla Pro XS exhaust I put on it along with the window tint. She probably only has around 350hp with the few mods I have put on so probably putting almost 300 to the rear wheels. Certainly not earth shattering by any means, however it's plenty of power for driving the suburbs of Philly and taking it on the road.

I drive this car everyday, even in inclimate weather. I'm certainly not rich so it's my only car and my daily driver. It has the scratches and scrapes to prove it and it is by no means perfect, but I love her all the same. I drove her off the showroom floor with a little over 16,000 miles and She has been to Texas, Florida and all over the East Coast and back. I have put 64,000 miles on her in 3 1/2 years to date and knock on wood, she has been a great car with no major problems, although I take extremely good care of her in every way. If nothing else I hope you enjoy the photos and perhaps get an idea or two for your own ride.

CoverCraft Bra for my 2012 Camaro

Grille Guards

Parking lights on when using fog lights

Fog Lights

Some Photos taken with my P4 drone at the park.