About my car

My whole life I wanted to build a Lowrider. My first car was a Honda Prelude, and while I'm early 2000 everyone was all Fast and Furious, I was all Boulvard Nights. I put red crushed velvet inside and red lights for highlights. My grandpa said it looked like the inside of a casket. At that time I knew I was going in the right direction with the car.

I like to work on cars and figure the stuff on my own so when I bought a static drop S10 I wanted to custom it out. I had a parts blazer for putting in a new Vortec motor and lots of other parts. Then I started with taking everything off the frame and painted the frame. Then I got an opportunity I never thought I would get. The opportunity to go to college. So my truck project got put on hold for 5 years. Then when I was about to graduate I realised I would not be able to move two daily drivers and two parts cars all taken apart on my budget. So I gave it all up for little to nothing so I could could move 1000 miles away for a new job.

After finally getting my family stable and started. My wife and bought a home and had a baby. I decided to sell my motorcycle and try and find a classic to build into a Lowrider. I was contacted by the owner of a solid 1971 Monte Carlo to consider a trade for my motorcycle for the car. For me, if the car ran and was rust free, it was a no brainer. My wife and I took our last road trip on the bike, and took our first cruise in our new classic. I will never forget the day.

One of the first things we had to do was name our car. I wanted to tie in my wife's heritage with our faith, and my passion for cars. We settled on "Anaweza". It means "He is able" in Swahili. It stands as a daily reminder that if you believe in something and dedicate to it, God will come through for you. He was able to bring my wife and I both from proverty in two different continents, to where we are today and has blessed us with two great sons, and countless other blessings.

Since getting Anaweza, I have put countless time, money, pain, and smiles in her. I feel like my dreams are finally starting to come true. I first started marking the car reliable and cruisable by getting the engine and leaks taken care of, as well and new ball joints, and brakes. The more I drove it, the more I wanted to upgrade it. Some of the things completed on the car since I purchased include, but not limited to, fresh paint with pearls and gold flake, pinstripes nearly every where (body, interior, trunk, gas tank, top and bottom of fan shroud, inside hood, throughout the frame, and a couple other hidden spots for those that really are looking), gold and chrome 56 spoke Zues 13s with EZ engraved Monte Carlo knock offs, all chrome pumps and cylinders, custom trunk paneling (I seem to change this every year or two), sound system including Bluetooth and hands free calling, partial frame reinforcing, all new bushings and tie rods, and various chrome upgrades to the engine.

My next upgrades will likely be to pull the engine and transmission to paint and complete chrome upgrade everything possible. And likely while it's apart I'll send various body parts to be engraved and chromed.

My old dream is nearly a reality, but I am still dreaming. My current dream is to be featured in Lowrider Magazine and to take my car to Las Vegas Super Show and Los Angeles for some cruises. I am planning those dreams right now.

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