Chevrolet 150 Old School

About my car

I rescued this car from being built into another American Graffiti clone. It's built as a dedication to my Father who passed away in 2008 after a 25 year battle with MS. The name Old School refers more to my Father who was an old school hotrodder. This car was patterned after many of the things he would do with his cars. Clean and simple was paramount. It's been nosed and decked, all stainless trim has been removed except for the Chevrolet script on the front fenders. The interior was as he would have done it, in a simple cloth. Engine is a ZZ3 crate motor built to 375bhp. Camaro front clip, and Nova rear end. The car has won over 200 various awards including Class Awards at the Portland Roadster Show, and the Kenny Youngblood pick at the Albany Winter Rod & Speed Show. It's been in two national calendars as well. But most importantly, it is not a trailer queen. It's been driven to Reno twice, and logs over 1500 miles each summer. All with my Dad riding along, as some of his ashes are under the front seat. Thanks for allowing me to share my ride.

  • This car was made in 1955 and I've driven it since 2008
  • The Chevrolet 150 was in production from 1953 to 1957

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