Helena, MT
My garage: Mercury Monterey

About my car

This is my '67 Mercury Monterey. I bought it two years ago for $300. It started life as a 390 Auto car, and now sports 547" of Big Block Ford power, Topped with the Ford Motorsport A-Heads, this car will definitely catch your attention... Backed by a C6 transmission and a Edge Converter, and a 3.50 gear with a 31 spline Detroit Locker and Moser axles. With only 71,000 original miles on the clock, there's a lot of life left in her. Last summer I replaced the wiring harness from front to back with a harness from Hot Rod Wire out of Dallas, Tx. She has the typical 50 year old car issues, like rust in the rear quarters, and trunk floor, but that's about it there. I also installed a roll bar and 2, 4 point harnesses. Living in Montana, it's a seasonal project. LOL! This spring and summer, the body work and the rest of the interior work will resume. Stay tuned, there's DEFINITELY more to come...

Sorry, I've been busy. I haven't made a post yet.