About my car

She was abandoned 18yrs ago. A Burnt V6, Shabby tires and looking pretty low. I found her while looking for another vehicle, hidden under a carport while looking at something I wasn't interested in. Well, after a little small talk, I convinced the owner to part ways for $100.

Over time I tinkered with her, threw cargo springs on her all around. Heavy Duty Coil over shocks. That brought her stance up a good 8". "Looking better."

Dropped in a Chevy 350-500HP, with a Turbo350 tranny. Shortie Headers and 4-1/2" Side Pipes.

"Sounds Better".

New Wheels some Meaty Rubber.

She hasn't let me down since.

Still Tinkering!

Sorry, I've been busy. I haven't made a post yet.