About my car

I traded a 99 Ford Lightning for Dorothy in 2014. The guy I got it from purchased the car from the original owner. It was and still is a numbers matching 327/300 hp 4 speed true SS car. I've had the interior redone and rebuilt the motor. I named the car Dorothy because my grandmother had one of these cars when she was younger and the paint looks like Dorothy's ruby red slippers from "Wizard of Oz", lol. I never really liked a 64 impala until I got my SS and I've been in love ever since. My car isn't a trailer queen, I drive my cars. This car was my daily for almost 2 years. I'm fixing to do an LS swap soon and I've got air ride to put on. Thx for looking and I would appreciate your vote thank you and godspeed to you all.

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Air ride is done


Beginning of Air Ride and power steering


Air ride 2




Air ride