About my car

Tis here is another one of my Suburbans, it's the first year of the 8th gen Chevrolet, Suburbans it's a 1992 Chevrolet ,Silverado/Suburban, K1500 and back then they considered these until 1993 classified as a station wagon...

This truck unlike Ol'Blue has a Carburated 350 (SBC) Small Block Chevy. Ol'Blue has the Fuel Injected 350 SBC, same motor just one's Carburated, the other's Fuel Injected. Like Ol'Blue this also holds a 42. Gallon fuel tank and they'll run around 475-500 miles on a full tank. The other difference between both Suburbans is that Ol'Blue gots Leather seats the 92' has cloth and also has 4X4 too the floor Ol'Blue has electronic 4X4. The 92' still has same Automatic transmission except the 92' has the 460L tranny, and Ol'Blue has the 460LE tranny..

An official classic