Isuzu Trooper Overland Trooper

About my car

Here's my 00 Isuzu Trooper. This is what you call "a very first love" I got it 5 years ago as my first car and since then, I still have it. We been through a lot like replacing the tranny, many used tires, fun rides and trips, getting stuck, etc. I had so many vehicles within this 5 years but this is the only one that have stayed with me and I wouldn't change it for anything. A lot of people have told me to get rid of it because is hard to get the parts for it but that's not going to happen. I started building it about 3 years ago and the reason why is because one day I wanna be an overlander! I been asked many times why Isuzu?? And the reason why is because you only see Jeeps and Toyotas out there and I like being different. I know is not the badass vehicle for a lot of people but for me is everything and that's what it matters. I really hope some of you guys like it and if you do and you want to know more about it, check it out on Instagram as a #OverlandTrooper

Big things are coming on 2017 :)

  • This car was made in 2000 and I've driven it since 2011
  • The Isuzu Trooper (2nd Gen) was in production from 1991 to 2005

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