About my car

I bought my Chevy Silverado 2500HD back in October 16.

Got her with 12 miles on the odometer, she now has about 7,500. She has a 6.0L V8 Vortec gasoline/E-85 flexfuel engine with 360HP & 380 torque. Along with a towing capacity of around 14,000lbs. Color; Summit White.
I plan to beef up the wheels & tires, along with a small lift kit. I normally run E-85 since it gives me a little boost in power & has a higher octane rating.

I've swapped out the gold Chevy bowtie emblems with black bowtie emblems. I've also swapped the 4x4 decal with a the black 4x4 decal. & I replaced the backup lights, third tail light lights & license plate lamps with LED lights. All of this was cheap to do yet provides a noticable difference.
I also put on a black Buyers roof rack with a 1,000lb load capacity. Along with a black tool box though I forget the brand name. These are for work purposes.

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