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When the Ford Mustang was redesigned for 2005, I knew that this was the car of my dreams. In order to purchase this car, a 2006 Mustang GT Premium, I first had to sell my 2002 Mustang.

For once in my life all of the stars aligned and I was able to sell my 2002 Mustang and purchase this Mustang GT. The local dealer had switched out the stock 17" wheels with 19" wheels from a 2010 Mustang GT which makes the car appear to be a newer model.

While the car looked great from 30' a close up inspection found that the Torch Red paint had faded and the hood was filled with scratches. The engine compartment was dirty and grimy but the car had been maintained. The car had 147,500 miles when I bought it in October 2013. The car now has 160,700 miles. Being retired the car is a daily driver however I'm only putting on 4,300 miles a year on the car.

I completely detailed the car myself as I do professional auto, SUV and truck detailing. I washed the car, clay barred the car, machine polished out the scratches on the car and machine sealed the paint. Mechanically I put on four new Goodyear RSA Eagle tires, new tie rods, had the engine tuned with new spark plugs and wires, had MSD Coil Packs installed, replaced the battery, had a BG Transmission service performed on the automatic transmission, had a BG cooling system service, had my AC recharged and had other maintenance like oil changes performed.

The leather interior was dry but had no cuts or tears and it has been treated many times with Griot's Garage Leather Restorer and Griot's Leather Conditioner. I recently had my door panels upholstered. The stock vinyl door inserts had a habit of peeling off especially in the hot, summer months due to the humidity. I found an upholsterer to replace those vinyl inserts with a padded suede perforated insert. To create a bit more contrast I decided to use a red material. The color really ties the interior together and the padded suede material acts as a sound deadener to help eliminate road noise. It also increases the internal sound of my throaty exhaust!

Despite it's less than showroom condition when I bought the car, this car shows well at car shows and has won numerous awards. People simply cannot believe that this car has over 160,000 miles!

I have kept the engine stock although I am considering an AirRaid Cold Air Intake system. I have added a number of under the hood dress up items like chrome covers for the windshield washer, oil, brake and power steering units, a chrome cover for the fuse box, hood struts, chrome dipstick for oil level and chrome accents for the shock towers.

This is my dream car and allows me to enjoy the style and performance I never experienced in my youth. I live the Mustang lifestyle with the various car clubs and associations I am involved with. I am the Treasurer of the Mustang Club of Maryland in addition to being their Mustang Historian. I am also a professional photographer and record our car shows, cruises, parades and other events. I have named this car The Red Baron.

Every car has a story and while I know very little about this cars history, I've been able to document the many changes I have done to this car over the past three years. It remains my pride and joy and quite frankly I would be quite content if this was the last car I own.

Steve Tapper

  • This car was made in 2006 and I've driven it since 2013
  • The Ford Mustang (5th Gen) was in production from 2005 to 2014
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