Chevrolet Camaro The Free Spirit

About my car

I learned to drive in a friends camaro when i was 15 and loved the car and never dreamed id ever own one. I had 2012 SRX and when the 5th Gens came out i started looking and held off on the convertibles. Never thought about showing it or changing it until my husbands friend told me the car was beautiful and i should. I did my research and so far you see what ive done! I love my car!

No posts recently due to sickness


Big show this weekend oct 10-12


Car show win


Camaro Cathering

Road Trip

won at fall auto fair


redid stripes

Body Kits

added personalized mats

Floor Mats

added dash kit

Dash Kits

Car looks new after this weekend!

Waxing & Polishing

Got new wheels finally.