Glen Burnie, MD

About my car

Oh man, the first car I've seriously built has come a long way. I didn't do all of the work myself, but I've learned an immense amount from this car, met a lot of great people, and get compliments on her everywhere I go. Shout outs to Jeff Lowry at Performance Specialties in Glen Burnie for the tune and installing the heads and Andrew Weaver at DiabloFormula Racing in Lancaster for the transmission build and installing the cam kit with supporting mods (in only a day trip, mind you!). I'm currently saving for a house so I can put her in a garage. 😂

Alison is a heads/cam LS1/4l60e car who hasn't been to the track yet. She dyno'd 385rwhp through a loose 3800 FTI stall converter on the Freed Engineering dyno, also known as Maryland's "dream killer dyno".

I make some videos about her to help out other 4th gen owners and document the things I do to her for future reference. I don't really mess with engines or transmissions, that's what Jeff and Andrew are for =p But I do maintenance and small things like window motors myself. You can see the videos on my YouTube channel here:

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