About my car

My 1979 k5 Cheyenne blazer. This is my second squarebody.

My first was a 1989 k5 nicknamed betsy because she was heavy, slow, and multicolored and reminded me of a cow.

The nickname i chose for my cheyenne was ugly betty because she might be ugly now, but she'll be beautiful when she's finished.

As of now, it has a 350/350/np203. But eventually I want to put a 454/400/203 combo in it. It also has a 48" led bar in the grille, a 24" on the bumper, and the pods under. I recently bought a visor and should be installed soon.

The sticker on the windshield reads "Yuma Squarebodies" because that is the name of the sqaurebody club my buddy and i created in our town. Hes on here too his k5s name is Davine.

Sorry, I've been busy. I haven't made a post yet.