About my car

My dad my uncle and I restored my dads 1987 Monte Carlo SS. My dad hit a deer with it as his daily driver, and it sat in our yard for ten years. We had to replace the entire floor and rear wheel wells. We also replaced the lower door skins inner and outer, and the rear quarters, also inner and outer rockers. My uncle use to be a body man so he taught me how to weld and shape metal. He also taught me how to do body work. We blocked the car 5 times. We made a makeshift paint booth in our garage and painted it with PPG black base coat, candy candy orange over their stirling silver. We then wet sanded the finished paint. Just got it back on the road, in the next many years we are planning on a 383 stroker, suspension all around with 2" drops in the front, exhaust and much much more!

Accelerator pump