Dodge Challenger Purple People Eater

About my car

2014 Dodge Challenger R/T Shaker #0012/2000

So where does a 800whp car come from. I drooled for years over other guys builds and stories wondering...who owns these insane things and how do they do it. I am so blessed to be able to finally share my beasts story.

Since 2008 when the Challenger first came back I was in love. I thought Dodge really hit a home run with the looks and performance. I felt Ford and Chevy really missed the throw back lock of the iconic muscle cars from the 60's and 70's. Then here comes Dodge, the under dog at this point with this gorgeous piece of V8 adrenaline. In 2014 I finally was able to consider owning my own. I had seen they had brought back the shaker that yr and searched but no one had any and you couldn't order one. So, I ordered and put down a deposit at a local dealership for a 100th anniversary edition that would be delivered in about 6 weeks.

I went home, woke up the next morning. I'm sitting there with my wife having a coffee thinking about how I just bought a new car and never even sat in it first. Finally I said hun, I'm going to find a dealership in Syracuse that has a Challenger in their show room so I can at least say I sat in the car. When I got to the dealer there it was....a Shaker, the car I really wanted (and in purple). I locked on it walking in. Here comes the salesman. I explained I had been looking for one of these but had no luck so I had ordered a 100th anniversary edition from another dealer instead the previous day. I was told that the order could be cancelled if I'd rather have this one. Well..sir I said, If's that's the case, you let me drive it and it's sold! No dice he said. So I compromised and said Let me drive a used R/T with a 6 speed and I'll take it. They moved five cars out of the way in there other show room to let me drive an R/T. I fell in love! Needless to say, I drove my shaker home 3 days later.

Since then I have gone crazy. The love I have for this car is un-matched by any other vehicle I have ever owned. I started right away on mods. It wasn't a week and it had a Borla catback on her. from there the list gets pretty long. Build is list below.

BES Racing forged stroked 392 block
Custom blower cam/ phase limiter
BES Racing Ported/polished heads
Titanium locks, retainers, springs
ATI 17% over drive crank pulley
6.1l aluminum intake
Siemens 80lb injectors
Arrington fuel rails
Fore Inovations dual fuel hat, stainless fuel lines (return system)
Hobs switch
Two Moroso catch cans
D1 Procharger with H.O intercooler
Procharger Red Race valve (Loud!)
JBA long tube stainless/ceramic headers
JBA Catless mid pipes ( also have JBA high flow cat mid pipes)
Zitronics Air/fuel system with Guage
Borla Attack exhaust
MCLeod stage 7 race clutch
Gforce 9" read end 3.73 gears
Gforce 1500hp half shafts
Gforce 1500hp aluminum drive shaft
HopNot rear solid mount craddle bushings
D2 racing full coil over adjustable suspension
Spone racing rear camber pieces
SRR8 front splitter
Smoked tail lights
Mickey tompson 9x20 front wheels
Mickey Tompson 10.5x20 rear wheels
Color matched calipers
Purple halos in head lights
Switch back LED turn signals
LED fog lights
Original seats are in car but have Cipher racing seats and brackets that can be swapped
Cipher seat bar
Racequip purple 5 point harness (factory seat belts are still opperational)
3 pod gauge pillar (boost, A/F and fuel preasure)
Air intake gauge in driver side vent
Barton shift kit
Mopar one piece aluminum shift ball

Thank you for checking out my "Purple People Eater"

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