About my car

I bought this car back in 2005 it was a gutted out shell. The guy I purchased it from had taken it apart

To make a race car out of it but figured out he was in over his head. I had just sold my last project car and just so happened to be in the market for another one. Me and my nephew caught wind of this one being for sale so we loaded up and drove to Tennessee expecting to find a rusted out hull but surprisingly the body was it great shape with no rust. I purchased the car and started to bring it back too life with some help from my granddaughter we managed to put it back together with allot of elbow grease. We built a 347 stroker with a scatt stroker crank and rods and set of dss racing pistons all forged and we topped it off with a trickflow top end kit heads intake and cam. The fuel is delivered by a BBk 255l in tank pump to the 42# injectors with a matching 75mm mas air meter and bbk 75 mm throttle body. It has stainless shorty headers flomaster exhaust,aluminum drive shaft and a sn95 five lug swap with disc brakes on all four corners. 2003 mustang interior and nitrous kit with a trickflow spray bar.the car has become part of the family and is extremely fun to drive.

  • This car was made in 1987 and I've driven it since 2005
  • The Ford Mustang (3rd Gen) was in production from 1979 to 1993
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