About my car

After driving a 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser Trail Teams, since new(now with 91000 miles). The only maintenance done on it was standard oil changes, etc, I did brakes and tires, but it was never once into the dealer for any other problems we decided momma needed a ride. We decided on a 2016 4Runner Trail Premium. The only upgrades we did at the dealer were amp research steps and window tinting. Next up with me new suspension. I am not going wild, because I am not allowed , so the plan will be Bilstein 6112 coilovers and rear shocks, just to level the front and get some better wheels and tires. I think we have narrowed down the choices, but that will follow. The other things I see needed done are, blacking out the lower trim pieces in the front and back and maybe blacked out emblems, but we will see. I think just these simple upgrades will make this capable platform, stand out . I will add car logs to show the different features of this platform

A plan is launched