Garland, TX
My garage: Ford F-Series

About my car

My dad bought this truck in 1983, we used it to haul firewood and tow our camper all over Colorado for a couple years. Then my grandpa bought it from my dad, he owned it for 28 years. He used it to tow his camper or run errands but it mostly sat in his barn. My dad got back a few years ago after my grandpa passed, but since he has a new truck, it just sat. My dad gave it to me a couple months ago, so now I have my first project vehicle!

It has 4speed standard and originally had a 351 in it, some years back it locked up and was replaced with a 400.

The second pic is me and my parents on my 12th birthday.

  • This car was made in 1977 and I've driven it since 1982
  • The Ford F-Series (6th Gen) was in production from 1973 to 1979

Old school Centerlines


Audio upgrade