About my car

The C5 corvette was always a dream car ever since the first time I saw one, it was so cool but I never thought I'd be able to own one. But just like you've always heard, if you work hard you can almost always achieve your dreams. Now when I bought her she wasn't perfect and she was gonna need some work but she was really clean and drove and ran exceptionally good for her age. I did the usual mods, headers, CAI and some suspension upgrades, Bilstein shocks, neoprene sway bar bushings and also got rid of those ridiculous plastic sway bar links. Put a fresh set of Nitto triple five shoes on her as well. She was coming along great !! But alas, only two seats .... and I knew that coming in, but didn't really think it over. The problem ... only two seats in a three person home. The wife and I had recently had to take in and adopt our 5 year old granddaughter due to some all to familiar circumstances these days. It needed to happen and we stepped up and made it happen, wouldn't have it any other way, love her dearly. You can see now where this is going, right ? Weekend drives in the fun car ? No fun if you can't all fit in the "fun car". So sadly something had to change and the vette would have to be replaced with a four seat "fun car"..... And that's why we now own the Camaro !! So I guess really it's not so sad after all 'cause the Camaro is a BEAST and we all fit !! .....the end..........

  • This car was made in 1998 and I've driven it since 2014
  • The Chevrolet Corvette C5 was in production from 1996 to 2004

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