Dodge Charger The Banging Black Beauty

About my car

Shes a beast on these streets. Can handle any surface asphalt or crete. Under cover copper. Shells under the seats from a 9 mili chopper. Locked my keys in her trunk. Called A-A-A, made me look like a punk. I only had her a couple months. She and I alone out here on the hunt. 80 thou on the odometer. Pickin up the wind like a barometer. Thunder under the hood and in the trunk. Burning up gas, not the sticky green or the skunk. Picking up my bros, spitting flows. Anywhere and everywhere we go. 08 charger. No V8 larger. She gets up to 160. Without no problem, she cuts the deal swiftly. Cost me 4 bands. It ain't no issue, had the cash in my hands. She came from Diego. Hella hot, you could call her fuego. But before all this she retired from Arizona. She's so sick, like a man with pneumonia. Flying through the city like a cardinal. Making people look like clowns, it's a carnival. She gets me anywhere I wish. Hugging corners so tight, she ain't falling off a cliff. Hell, just last week we took a trip to Reno. Saw casinos. Taking the city by storm, we gon repo. Hella strong not weak tho. Making people stare, but that's lethal. That's why she coated in black, she lets you know that she's evil. Banging Black Beauty. She gotta big black booty. She's all mine. Until it becomes selling time.- Thanks for reading!

  • This car was made in 2008 and I've driven it since 2016
  • The Dodge Charger (6th Gen) has been in production since 2006

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