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I was driving my dads 1985 mercedies 500sel, it was givin to me when i was 17 right after he passed away. And after he passed away i grew very bad anger issues, and to help me my uncle would take me out shooting. It was when i turned 18 that i bought my own shot gun, and I'd use it when my uncle would have time off. Then friends with trucks would take me to a spot called the wall where off roaders would go and see if they could climb "The Wall" so it became a very happy moment in my life, we would all go shooting in the dessert and right after we would cross the highway to the wall and off road. And it ended up when the friends and my brother and i would want to go we didnt have a truck to go. And that all relly started when i was 18 i also needed to be able to haul stuff out of my moms house. So i tried saving was hoping to just get a little truck to get work done, and have my fun! It was when i turned 23 that i tried to get my self into a vehicle where i could build my credit at the same time to eventually get a nice truck, so praying and hoping i went looking for a truck, and every where i went said i was a new buyer so i had no credit history so either they didnt report to the credit or they wouldnt accept me. So finally a dealer talked me in to buying a car i did not want so in a year i would have some history built. So after two days deciding and talking to my uncle for a co signer, i went and picked up a Mitsubishi lancer. I know i should have been happy but grew into a truck guy a wasn'thappy in a car so a year later i started back up again looking for my truck, i finally with no lie going to over 35 dealers i found i Truck i fell in love with, but even then i didnt get my hopes up because im only 24 with some built credit history. But it was my dream truck litteraly after i saw it i had a dream that night i had gotten it, AKA my dream truck. So i went and talked to the dealer and applied and was denied, i thought i hadnt gotten my hopes up but when i was denied i realized i had. So 3 days pass am still droopy at work, and it hit me my uncle loves me lol, i went and asked him if he would cosign for me again. He said no not till he goes to dealers with me and he knows for sure i wont change my mind, and i think it was the 5th dealer ship my uncle said lets go get your truck, and i said why i know stupid huh but he said every truck we have looked at you've show the dealer pictures of "your" you dont even pay attention to the one there showing you. So we went and 1 month ago I felt like i won the lottery my brother the sweet heart that he is gave me $2000 towards my down payment and i got my truck, its been a month and i still look at it like i did before it was mine. I am the happiest i could be to me its like winning the lottery, acording to the insurance company i didnt just find my self a truck i found my self a boy toy lol ohoh and thats my story!

  • This car was made in 2006 and I've driven it since 2016
  • The Nissan Titan has been in production since 2003
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