About my car

This truck is my world. It means everything to me. It was for my best friend the got killed in a bike acident. After a year his dad passed. I ask his mom ( Becky ) what she was gone to do with the truck. She had intentions on selling it. I then asked her to purchace. The truck. I was willing to sell every thing I owned to get the money for this truck. She then looked at me an said " Chance the truck is yours"! I was so exiced I didn't know what to say so I grab her an we both shed some tears an I thanked her an still till this very day.

  • This car was made in 1972 and I've driven it since 2014
  • The GMC C/K (2nd Gen) was in production from 1967 to 1972
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Going put a BBC in her


My world.