Fayetteville, NC

About my car

Big Red is my pride and joy, I purchased him in Feb of 2013 bone stock with bald 31'' tires and a bad transmission. The transmission was rebuilt with billet parts and I added in a stage three torque converter. He has Smarty s06, turbo back exhaust and an S&B intake . He rolls on 20x12 -44 offset American Force Blades and 33" Mickey muds. His facelift went even deeper with a total change in exterior color, he's now nebula red (purple). We have a lot of life left in the both of us, so we're gonna ride it out together.

  • This car was made in 2005 and I've driven it since 2013
  • The Dodge Ram (3rd Gen) was in production from 2001 to 2009
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4 1/2 years and still counting


Custom Color=Not everyone's cup of tea ☕️

Paint job