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We are the 4th owners. It came from the south. I purchased this TA 8 months ago. It has the original 6.6 with 54K on it. The interior seats and carpet were done over at some point. It's been repainted once and 17 inch rims installed. I dropped 5K into it right away. Did the entire front end over, all new springs and Bilstein shocks. Brakes, lines, every fluid & gasket. Full tune up with all good parts. Radiator, belts, battery, water pump, timing chain, valve covers, vacumm lines and a bunch of other small things. Basically ran through the entire car to make it safe and running great. It ran good but was on its way down hill. There was a lot of original parts which was a good thing. It has AC. Everybody wanted the Bandit back in the late 70's. No T tops but it's ok, less problems.

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