About my car

This has been my dream car since I was about 7. I wanted one with a 5 speed, ttops, and a 350. We found one with all the options I wanted. Well... a 305. My parents suprised me with it for my class of 2016 highschool graduation present. She has been my pride and joy since.

After a month of driving it. 1200 milles or so. It started over heating. And quick too. Took the thermostat out. Still did it. Pressure washed the radiaor and heater core out. Went through the motor too. Nothing was resolving the issue. The head gaskets was even good. So we just got done putting a 4 bolt main 350 in it. Also swapped from tbi to carbruetor with a quadrajet for now.

Got plans and still working towards getting her pretty and beefed up. Looking to a lunati bootlegger cam kit for it too.

Since i got it. I got new wheels for it - 15x8/ 15x10 rear. Installed a single sub and amp in it. Did some painting on the hood and headlight dips. Tinted all lenses but headlights. Also buffed and did alot of tlc to it.

Been 5 years. Here she is now

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