Valparaiso, IN

About my car

Bought my truck in 07 when I came back from car audio school. As soon as I bought it the next weekend I had exhaust put on and long tube headers along with a cai... over the next winter I bought parts for cam swap built trans with a stall the process of swapping Valve Springs I had a valve drop and had to pull the head and found the valve was vent and had smacked the piston So i had to pull motor out and take it to the machine shop to get checked out... got it all back and together... then I got wheels and tires lowered it. After that me and a buddy built a custom dual 3 inch exhaust.. along the way did odds and ends like led bulbs system subs in dash dvd player suede headliner doors and apillers.. it's come along way from stock and has been a blast and a pain in the ass but wouldnt change anything because over all the time and money sweat blood it brought me and my father closer as he drove a semi across country while I was growing up.. he was always a car guy and raced drag bikes back when he was my age...

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