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I am the proud third owner of this car she has 90k original miles. She's so weird and off the wall, that's what attracted me to this car. I like the obscure cars the ones you don't see every day and once on a blue moon. I fixed her up and got her running. Once I took that first test drive she told her name is Holly. I bought her for $900, pulled her from the barn myself and been working and driving her ever since. I absolutely love this car. Parts are ridiculous to find for this car but that aside it's really great. She has all the factory options except for power windows but no biggie. The sad thing about her and other cars is she's been forgotten if you look in many books, ask most car guys, or even amc fans most won't even know about this car at all. Which to me is sad she's such an amazing ride she deserves to recognized and I'm going to see to it she is. Just you wait and see what I've got in store for her I promise she'll never be forgotten again.

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