About my car

89 cherokee. Everything swapped to 01. Sitting on Dana 60s and 40" mtr's

Back in 09 I built this cherokee with long arms and 35s. I sold it and after a few years got it back completely stripped and full of garbage. Since then I have done a full late Body swap including the first functioning hatch swap. Doors, interior, harness, dash, front sheet metal, and engine controls. Only way to tell it's an 89 is the vin sticker under the hood and the vin on the dash.

Axles are one tons and the front is from a 96 f350 and the rear is a factory disk brake from an e450 van.

Tires are 40/13.50r18 Goodyear Kevlar mtr's on non stick coated wheels. Staun internal beadlocks finish up the tire setup.

Next to build is the internal cage. Have the stuff to build it but a race car that will be posted later is taking up all my time. Lol

Sorry, I've been busy. I haven't made a post yet.