About my car

This Maverick is my fist car. When I was 13 my dad bought a 71 mach 1 that the deal was if I helped him restore it, he would put $1000 towards my first car, but the catch was, it would have to be a bit of a project car as well. We found this car for $2000, running and driving with the factory 200 cubic inch inline 6, c4 automatic, and rear end swapped for a 5 lug axle out of a 78 ford Grenada. It just needed a bit of bodywork, very minor mechanical repairs and it I was driving it by the time I was 15, and driving it daily once I was 16. The original plan was to drop in a 302, but I became hooked on the little 6 cylinder, but I was in search of more power still. Fast forward 8 years, I and I have dropped in a 250 inline 6, with a t5 manual transmission from a 1986 thunderbird turbo coupe. I have entered it in 2 TSD rallies, one over night rally through the mountains, and one through the badlands of southern Alberta, and was a hit both times! Te car has appeared as a background car in season 2 of the FX tv series Fargo (episode 2 and 4 if you look closely) recently the car suffered some hail damage, but these sorts of things happen when you daily drive a car, this winter I will begin reworking the body and making better than it has ever been since I've owned it!

  • This car was made in 1970 and I've driven it since 2007
  • The Ford Maverick was in production from 1970 to 1977
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2016 Mudlark Rally


The Loop Rally 2015