About my car

Well well this is my zombie hunter this is my 6th month project I've owned the truck for about 6 months now done quite a few upgrades to it it has a Skyjacker suspension it also has in the engine compartment a K&N air filter system it has a 5.9 liter 360 cubic inch displacement engine have a custom-made tire rack build it myself the entire truck is sprayed with bedliner and then highlights painted with green acrylic enamel also have a hell gas mask on the dash interior is done with bed liner as well underneath the truck is painted with bedliner bolts were painted by hand not a spray can I appreciate your time to read this have a good day

  • This car was made in 1997 and I've driven it since 2016
  • The Dodge Ram (2nd Gen) was in production from 1994 to 2002


Body Kits

Zombie hunter bought it February 18th 2016


Mad Max Comic Con team


Zombie hunter is the official truck of Texas scaregrounds


Got bored took a pic


Dennis Collins from Fast and Loud


Yes that's Tony from Fast and Loud


Zombie hunter with sarir kamami

Wheel & Tire Care

Zombie hunter

Grille Guards

Side shot of the Beast