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I bought my truck in summer of 2014 i was only 16 and this was my first car. I was happy to get it, it only had 76 000 km's and has never seen winter. It was in amazing. It had a few mods which included a kn'n air intake and full exhaust except muffler was original.

During winter of 2015 my father and I painted the original rims black with a red lip, tinted the tail lights, I purchased and installed clear 2 piece headlights. I had also purchased a custom gauge cluster overlay from BlackCatsCustoms which i find stands out compared to the original. Final thing that we installed this year was a Flowmaster super 44 muffler. MSD spark plug wires were also installed.

During winter of 2015-2016 me and my father had a big project in front of us... Its was my graduation year and my gift was the custom paint on my truck. In the beginning we were not sure what we wanted to do to it. During summer of 2015 I had purchased an original Challenger T/A hood scoop. This was the start of our big idea. We knew we wanted to make a tear away paint scheme but were not certain of what would be underneath. The hood was what made us decide that under my Dakota R/T there would be a Challenger R/T.

Then we started working on the truck. The hood was incredibly time consuming since we had to make it from scratch, we bought an aftermarket oem hood. With that hood we created a mold to make a negative in fiberglass so we could have the scoop molded with the hood. We actually had to remove 3" from the scoop since it was so long for my truck. Once we had the actual fiberglass hood in our hands we cut off the hood brace from the aftermarket hood to stick to the fiberglass hood to make it solid. Of course we had to modify it so it would not interfere with the gigantic whole the scoop made.

After the hood was finalized we had to start working on body and paint. We started by sanding and fixing dents. Once that was done we decided on what color we wanted the challenger to be. I chose purple, not just purple but plum crazy purple. We then proceeded to mask and and paint. Then came the challenger stripe and my original stripe. After some airbrushing you could literally feel as if the paint was peeling back and that feeling to just sit back and look at what we created over a winter was amazing. Finally came the clear coat and final touches.

The truck also has T/A chin spoilers and hood pins. The grill was also custom made by us using an aftermarket grill we proceeded to cut out the cross and fix the lip around the grill. Then installed the mesh insert from CustomCarGrills. I thought my truck was not loud enough so we installed a Flowmaster super 10. Also put a 14" round air filter so the hood could feed it through its scoop.

There is allot more to come for this truck as it is my toy and a project car is never finished. Thanks for taking the time to read the story of Marylin. :)

  • This car was made in 2000 and I've driven it since 2014
  • The Dodge Dakota (2nd Gen) was in production from 1997 to 2004
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