About my car

A 2R Series Truck. Not M Series



This is my 1953 Studebaker 2R5 pickup truck and its story.

Originally this is a Texas truck it was in Temple Texas all its life.
I was born in Temple and this truck was under a tree down the street from my house. My grandfather had a real thing for old trucks and Studebakers ( He previously had an Avanti ). He said whenever it went up for sale to let him know and he would purchase it. A couple years later there was a for sale sign on it and he bought it. He trailered it back up to Ohio where he put it in his barn. My family moved to ohio 5 years later and when I was 15 discovered the truck in his barn. It was completely buried and I didn't even know it was there until I moved a piece of ply wood to uncover the wheel. I asked him about it and we decided we were going to get it running. We un buried it just enough to see the whole truck and got the engine un siezed. Shortly after that he went to Florida for the winter and suffered a massive stroke. When he got back to Ohio next summer his whole right side was paralyzed, couldn't speak, and barely could walk.

A couple months went by again and I found him one day in his barn pointing at the truck. I knew he wanted to start on it again even though he couldn't work on it at all. The whole truck was surrounded by dry wall board that was intended to be used on the barn. it was stacked floor to ceiling. That weekend My self, my grandma and grandpa moved all those boards to the other side of the barn using their Pug UTV so we could get the truck out. I cleaned the truck out started to inspect it. We got it turning over freely with a help of a couple of friends. But it had no spark.

One of my good friends, Jasim and his dad do body work and they were attached to the truck the first day they saw it. We decided that day they were the ones that were going to paint the truck. Nothing really happened with the truck for a about a year. I graduated High School and started college. We decided on a price to get the truck painted. Jasim and his dad really helped us out on this because they were just opening their official shop and they wanted this to be their *flag ship* so to speak to show off their work. So they only charged us materials so I was able to afford a lot better quality of paint and clear. Fall 2016 my grandfathers health was declining so I decided to take him to the Studebaker Packard show at Summit Racing. I pushed him around the show and saw a couple trucks like ours. It cheered him up. But sadly on September 17th 2013, 2 days after my 18th Birthday and a month before Jasim was going to pickup the truck my Grandfather passed away from Cancer which we didn't even know he had.

Jasim took the truck in October 2013. It took them, a team of 2 working afternoons 2 years to get it painted. The only thing this truck needed body wise was a new tail gate. My friend Jimmy who is in the picture loading the truck on the trailer, lightly rebuilt the original 6 cylinder engine with his dad. I got the truck back to my place fall of 2015.

The truck is painted 1978 Trans Am Buccaneer red and white.

The truck only has 35k ORIGINAL MILES on it! This is why the light rebuild of the engine. It's in good shape just needed gone through.

I've been doing little things here and there to it but my main goal is to have it running and moving by the winter 2016.

I'm restoring this truck to 100 percent STOCK the way it rolled off the assembly line! No LS swap no modernizing anything. 75hp 6 cylinder, 6 volt, Manual steering, brakes and a good ole 3 on the tree.

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Going to a temporary home over the winter.


Photos of the Paint Job


Finally Getting Started!