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Dreams do come true.For me, owning this 21 year old car was only a dream soon to come true.when I was younger I'd only think about owning this car an What the endless possibilities I would do in it from first date to first race also first speeding ticket, at that moment I knew I did reach a goal in my life to being a proud owner of my "realistic" dream car. My first introduction into cars was hearing my grandpa own many cars everything from Sunday cruisers all the way up to 10 sec American muscle, him being a certified mechanic is what inspired me to have an interest into cars an to hear about all his stories about his passion for cars really made me want to follow his footsteps and keep the tradition alive and make him proud to have a grandson who he inspired. Another person who id like to thank is my oldest brother who sold me this car he gave me the chance to finally pursue what I love. As a car enthusiast I respect all makes an models and all builds. Sadly this month my car was stolen while I was working right from my works parking lot. Anyone who owns a car knows what a nightmare it is to come out of work or a store an notice your cars missing wondering if you might have parked it in a different spot an go looking around the parking to to come to a realization that it's gone. But thankfully to car clubs my car was found with minor damage its sad other people can't respect our passions and how hard we work to put our dreams together and the money that comes out of our pockets. I felt like maybe it wasn't meant to be I was slowly losing my passion for cars until I got my car back I suddenly was relieved and to this day I will remain a car enthusiast and I hope to someday pass my passion on to my kids.

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